Examples of how your donations can be used

The following are some examples of how different levels of support can be used by the Paballong Centre:

  • £5 pays for 10 healthy lunches, offered to all the visiting clients;

  • £10 pays for one trip to villages, to check on clients, do village testing and run awareness programmes;

  • £25 pays for one lot of medicines for the animals (broilers, layers, rabbits, pigs and milk cows);

  • £50 pays for the monthly telephone bill;

  • £100 pays the monthly salary of one support staff (gardeners, domestic, cooks, security);

  • £1,000 pays the monthly salary of one professional staff member (manager or nurse in charge).

Alternatively, you could consider a major donation towards the overall annual running costs of the Centre, which currently total approximately £200,000.

Please see the links below to view the Annual Reports for the Paballong Centre: