Extension of Paballong's Pharmacy

When the Paballong Centre opened in 2007 medical supplies were stored in a dedicated room, the Pharmacy, adjacent to the Waiting Area. However, since then the services provided by the medical staff have expanded significantly, including the provision of food supplements to vulnerable people. The space provided by the Pharmacy became totally inadequate, with the overflow stored in the Pharmacist’s Office and in an extra room in the Nurse’s Flat.

The Government’s Ministry of Health evaluated the Centre and assessed the medical supply storage against ‘The Logistics Handbook – A Practical Guide for the Supply Chain Management of Health Commodities’. The evaluation strongly recommended improving the Pharmacy, including its ventilation. A proposal was therefore developed to expand the medical supply storage facility to ensure the Centre met the necessary criteria and safety standards.

The costed proposal took into account existing unused structures (the shower and changing room), plus expanding into - and thereby reducing the size of - the Guard Office. Extra shelving would also need to be installed. The Centre commissioned TCC, a trusted company which has renovated most of the Paballong Centre, built the Dr. Neville Sacks Hall and provides ongoing maintenance, to undertake the build.

In recognition of the importance of maintaining a full functional and operational pharmacy, PUKT committed to contribute 50% of the total costs (£3,000).