New Computers for Paballong

In 2017 two trustees from the Paballong UK Trust undertook a strategic review of the Paballong Centre. As a result, the Centre conducted a major organizational restructuring program and now has capable professionals in post to assist it to grow. However, the new structure has come with its unique demands and requirements and the Centre is now faced with urgent need for office equipment.

Most of the office equipment has been in place since the Centre opened in 2007, which means that the software is out of date and the entire operational efficiency is severely compromised. In addition, because of the restructuring, some new positions have been created which means some offices lack any equipment whatsoever, and staff have to share computers or use their personal laptops.

As the Centre states ‘It is undeniable fact that in order for the Centre to effectively and efficiently realize its objectives it must be fully equipped with modern equipment. The office equipment that is needed by the Centre include computers, printers and projectors in order to write proposals provide timely and accurate reports, record, keep and update information of clients.’

The UK Trust worked hard to source second hand laptops and desk tops in order to meet the complete request made by the Centre, including through the UK-based organisation Computer Aid which recycles and distributes reconditioned computers. Unfortunately, the costs involved in shipping to Lesotho, plus the taxes levied on arrival, means the UK Trust simply did not have sufficient funds. However, the Trust has disbursed a match funding contribution of £1,000 towards this important request and will continue to seek funds to meet this need.