Going to Primary School in 2018

The Government of Lesotho’s Education Policy is to provide compulsory free primary education for all. Therefore, when the children reach the age of 6 they are admitted into primary school. However, the vulnerability in the Centre’s children’s families always makes it very difficult for the caregivers to buy uniforms for the children graduating from the Day Care Centre into primary school. If the children go to school with old, worn, personal clothing, they are different from others and hard to recognize as belonging to a particular primary school in their area. A child in personal clothing may not be easily identified in the case of an emergency. They also feel that they are not on an equal footing with their peers, and thus become isolated. This situation, in most cases, has a negative impact on the child’s performance in class and on his / her personality.

The Centre feels a strong obligation to provide these children with their primary school uniforms as there is no one to provide it for them. Every child’s uniform usually includes a pair of trousers for a boy, a tunic or skirt for a girl, shirts, a pair of shoes and two pairs of socks, underwear, raincoat, school bag, plastic food container and water bottle, jersey, vests and warm jackets. There are five boys and nine girls graduating from the Dr Titi Mohapi Day Care Centre into primary school in January 2018.

Children given uniforms, January 2018:

Mokoallong Primary School       Leralleng Primary School        Ramoloi Primary School
Mpinane (girl)                                Puleng (girl)                                Thandiwe (girl)
Mpine (girl)                                    Khahliso (girl)
Ntahli (girl)                                    Lineo (girl)                                   Piting Primary School
‘Mapaseka (girl)                            Edwin (boy)                                 Paballo (boy)    
Keneiloe (girl)                     
Thapelo (boy)                     
Liteboho (boy)