'Going to School' Primary School Uniforms

The Dr Titi Mohapi Day Care Centre is a pre-school owned and operated by the Paballong Trust, and assists orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) between the ages of two and six. The aim is to relieve caregivers, such as grandparents because, due to their old age it is not easy for them to look after the children throughout the day, and to relieve older, care giving siblings so that they can go to school.

These OVC are taken care of and introduced to an early childhood care development (ECCD) programme to enhance their learning and readiness for primary education. Due to poverty, local children were hitherto unable to enrol in ECCD education; the day care centre has thus provided them with a valuable opportunity that they would not have had otherwise. 

Thirty-nine children were enrolled at the Centre in 2014. Of these, 7 boys and 3 girls graduated from the Centre at the end of December 2014 and started primary school in January 2015. In Lesotho, although primary school is free, children are expected to wear uniforms. But it is be difficult for the Paballong children to attend school without complying with this rule as they come from families that simply cannot afford these additional expenses. The Paballong UK Trust has therefore contributed £720 towards the costs of these uniforms, as demonstrated by these children below.