'Homes for Life' Houses for Destitute Families

The Social Worker at Paballong’s Day Care Centre became aware of the extreme hardship suffered by the family of one of the children enrolled at the Centre. The seven family members (a widowed mother and her six children) were living in a house which was on the point of falling down. A huge crack had developed in the roof; it was so bad that you could see outside. The major concern was that the roof, propped up by sticks, would collapse and injure or kill one of the family members. 

Thanks to the donations provided by supporters, the Paballong UK Trust was able to commit £1,230 for a new house to be built to ensure that the family had a safe, clean and dry home to live in. The Chief of Ha Senekane has allocated the land on which the house has been built to the family in perpetuity, which means the family can settle and don’t have to worry about moving again in the future.

Since then, other equally vulnerable families have been identified on the Plateau needing new houses, so we have fundraised and sent to Lesotho a further £3,600. Two more houses have now been built on land provided by the chief.