Solar Powered Vaccine Fridge

The Paballong Centre operates on environmentally-friendly principles, and utilities (electricity and water) are powered as far as possible by solar energy. But ensuring that vaccines are kept within a strict temperate-controlled environment can be difficult. So the Paballong UK Trust has contributed £1,250 towards the cost of purchasing a solar-powered vaccine fridge which has the technology to keep temperatures at 4 to 5°C, and limits the temperature variation within the cabinet to <1°C. 

The solar-powered vaccine fridge has been installed in the (very) small medicine store room. Therefore the pictures below are a little cramped. The thermometer indicates 4.8°C. It needs a torch as it works on a small solar panel and the store room is too dark. The temperature is always between 4 and 5°C, exactly right for vaccines. It will maintain that temperature at least for 10 days without sun (in Lesotho there are never more than 3 days without sunshine).