Established in 2010

Paballong UK Trust is a UK-based charity which was established in 2010 so that we could help those in Lesotho, a small country in southern Africa, who suffer from HIV/AIDS.

Our main purpose is “the relief of poverty in Lesotho, specifically among those who are severely disadvantaged and infected or affected by HIV/AIDS”.

Lesotho is one of the countries hardest hit by HIV, with the tragic distinction of having the second highest HIV prevalence in the world after Swaziland. HIV prevalence is currently estimated at 25%. The average life expectancy in Lesotho has dropped to 54 years.

But it’s not all bad news. HIV/AIDS care centres have been established around the country and are helping thousands that could not normally get the help they need. Paballong is one of them, and Paballong UK Trust aims to help the Paballong Trust in Lesotho to ensure the viability and sustainability of the Paballong Care Centre by providing financial assistance, and to extend the network of support from across the UK to this and similar initiatives in Lesotho. By providing this support, all those who contribute to the Paballong UK Trust can help to relieve the poverty and suffering of those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Any money raised by the Paballong UK Trust will go towards the continuous development of the Centre so that additional services can be offered to those who live on the Berea Plataeu and its surrounds. The Centre has done much since it opened its doors in 2007, but more can and should be done as many more people still need help.

Paballong UK Trust therefore seeks to raise funds – large or small – from all those who feel they can spare something for this worthy cause. It also aims to build contacts between people in the UK and the management, staff, supporters and clients of the Paballong Centre in Lesotho. Those contacts can include the occasional letter of support, the sharing of ideas and experience and visits to Lesotho to do voluntary work at the Centre.